Box Business Plus Expanded Functions

Box Business Plus occupies a place of honor among the many products on the market of virtual data rooms. This virtual platform enjoys well-deserved popularity both among ordinary users and among experts in the field of digital development for business. If you’ve never heard of Box Business Plus virtual room and its key business benefits before, now it’s time to bridge that gap and learn a little more about the benefits of this platform from our little review.

What is Box Business Plus good for?

Like any other similar development in today’s virtual data room market, Box Business Plus offers many out-of-the-box solutions for organizing workflow within a company. Specifically, the basic set of virtual data room options include:

  • Options for maintaining control over the document sharing process between users;
  • Tools to set up controlled communication between transaction participants;
  • Tools that ensure information security at all stages of data transfer;
  • User-friendly user interface.

Box Business Plus virtual data room can become a reliable working tool for companies that work in different sectors – from corporate to non-profit and educational services. The developers of the virtual platform offer different service and product packages depending on the individual needs of each customer:

  • Collaboration on Box, which is a set of options for organizing and supporting communication between employees, clients and business partners;
  • Box Drive – a functional suite of tools for working with documents, including large volumes;
  • Box Relay – a set of tools that help to automate basic work operations and optimize the workflow as a whole.

The cost of services for Box Business Plus customers is calculated individually, so if you are interested in the cost of each package, we recommend you contact the provider directly.

Does Box offer unlimited storage: a popular question from users

Since this cloud service is positioned on the market as a comprehensive service, it also offers customers a wide range of options for managing documents in storage. Specifically, users can:

  1. Apply special watermarks and manage document usage, including by disabling the option to edit or print documents for specific users;
  2. Track user activity in the data repository – for example, you can see who has entered the data room, which documents are most frequently used, how long it takes to work with documents, and more;
  3. Perform time-consuming tasks in the remote access mode – thanks to the functionality settings the system can scan, upload and manage documents on behalf of the user.

In this case, access to the data room is provided from any user device at any time of day and night.

The set of tools that Box Business Plus users get makes it a truly universal working tool. At the same time, the functionality of the virtual platform is filled with both basic and advanced settings, which make it possible to adapt the platform and customize its work to the individual needs of each company. Such advantage is already appreciated by clients all over the world – join this group to be convinced of Box Business Plus reliability at personal experience.